It works perfectly out of the box and i have had no issues at all! It is very easy to build and comes with a handy little book to give you info and how to set the system up. The system also looks really good for your room. Which this was another important thing for me as I didn’t want to have pipes and an ugly-looking hydro system.

The herb grower is an innovative self-growing garden for every home & every plant growing need. 

12 pod plants at one time, grow more, save more. This indoor vegetable garden is fully automatic & self watering, no soil & no hassle. Have fresh herbs at your fingertips all year


Hydroponics Growing System | Herb Garden System | Indoor Gardening System



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Experience the benefits of having your own garden, no season or weather limitation. Grow 100% organic herbs, fruits, fresher than any plants you’ll find in stores.

  • Automatic Intelligent Timer – 2 Growth Modes based on your need. To be a happier gardener
  • Automated Watering Pump – Provides oxygen and prevent the roots from rotting. Grow faster and healthier
  • Height Adjustable Light Rod – Up to 50cm | 19.4” designed for different growth stages of plants. Plants won’t being hurt by lights

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Larger Capacity Bumper Harvest

Up to 12 pods plants at one time, grow more, save more. Yoocaa indoor vegetable garden is fully automatic and self watering, no soil and no hassle. Get it to have fresh herbs at your fingertips throughout the year

Adjustable Height Indoor Herb Garden

Adjust the LED light pole as your plant grows without even having to worry about burning them; Up to 50cm | 19.4″ tall and allows more room for a variety of plants to grow in this hydroponics growing kits


80 Leds Grow Light

Full Spectrum 36 watt LED high efficiency grow lighting system in your herb garden is tuned to the specific needs of plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests

Automatic Hydroponic System

This indoor gardening kit is designed with a water circulation system, increasing the oxygen in water. Press the pump to go into a cycle of 30 mins on/30 mins off with super low noise. Growing in the nutrient water 5x faster than soil
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What is a Hydroponics Growing System?
A Hydroponics Growing System, also known as an Herb Garden System or an Indoor Gardening System, is a method of growing plants without soil. It involves providing essential nutrients directly to the plant’s roots through a water-based solution, allowing for efficient and controlled plant growth indoors.
What are the benefits of using an Herb Garden System?
Using an Herb Garden System offers several benefits. Firstly, it allows you to grow fresh herbs year-round, regardless of the outdoor climate or season. Secondly, it takes up minimal space, making it ideal for apartments, kitchens, or any indoor environment. Lastly, it provides complete control over growing conditions, including lighting, nutrients, and water, resulting in healthier and more productive herb plants.
How does an Indoor Gardening System work?
An Indoor Gardening System typically utilizes hydroponic or soilless cultivation techniques to grow plants indoors. It involves providing plants with a carefully balanced mixture of water, nutrients, and light, creating an optimal growing environment. Specialized systems may incorporate features such as automated timers, adjustable lighting, and built-in nutrient delivery systems for ease of use.
Can a Hydroponics Growing System be used to grow plants other than herbs?
Yes, a Hydroponics Growing System is versatile and can be used to grow a wide variety of plants, including leafy greens, vegetables, flowers, and even certain fruiting plants. The precise control over growing conditions in hydroponics systems allows for optimal growth and high yields across different plant types.
Is an Herb Garden System suitable for beginners?
Yes, an Herb Garden System is well-suited for beginners. It often comes with user-friendly features and instructions, making it easy to set up and maintain. Additionally, growing herbs is relatively straightforward and rewarding, providing beginners with an excellent introduction to indoor gardening.
Can an Indoor Gardening System be used in low-light conditions?
Yes, many Indoor Gardening Systems are designed to accommodate low-light environments. They often incorporate adjustable grow lights or LED lighting systems that mimic the natural spectrum of sunlight, ensuring adequate light levels for plant growth, even in spaces with limited natural light.
Are Hydroponics Growing Systems environmentally friendly?
Yes, Hydroponics Growing Systems can be considered environmentally friendly. They typically use less water compared to traditional soil-based gardening methods, as water is recirculated within the system. Additionally, they eliminate the need for chemical pesticides or fertilizers, reducing the potential environmental impact.
Can an Herb Garden System be used for culinary purposes?
Absolutely! An Herb Garden System is perfect for culinary purposes. It allows you to grow a wide variety of fresh herbs right in your kitchen or any indoor space, ensuring a continuous supply of flavorful ingredients for cooking, seasoning, and garnishing your favorite dishes.
How much space is required for an Indoor Gardening System?
The space required for an Indoor Gardening System can vary depending on the specific system and the number of plants you intend to grow. Some systems are compact and designed for countertops or small shelves, while others can accommodate larger plant setups. It’s important to consider the available space and choose a system that fits your needs.
Are Hydroponics Growing Systems suitable for commercial or large-scale cultivation?
Yes, Hydroponics Growing Systems can be utilized for commercial or large-scale cultivation. They offer efficient use of space, optimized nutrient delivery, and the ability to control growing conditions, making them ideal for commercial hydro


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